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Public liability insurance quote

We understand that searching online for a public liability insurance quote can be a tedious and time consuming excercise which is why we have specialised in this area of insurance to provide instant online liability quotations from several insurers at a time, meaning as a public liability insurance broker we can provide you with a range of quotes without you having to fill in multiple forms and make many phone calls. By obtaining a public liability insurance quote from our website you are able to initiate immediate cover if you pay online using a credit or debit card, we can usually offer direct debit for your public liability insurance.

Your public liability insurance quote will outline what the policy covers you for. For instance public liability insurance usually covers you for any damage you cause to third party property, for example if you were a decorator and while carrying a ladder inside the property knocked over an expensive item then you would make a claim against your public liability insurance policy. Your quote for public liability insurance would also provide cover against any injury caused to a third party which you are liable for. An example would be if you were a roofer and whilst working on the roof dropped a tool which injured the client then you would again make a claim on your liability insurance policy.

Because we are an insurance broker we can provide public liability insurance quotes from several insurers at a time meaning you get a cheap public liability insurance quote without having to spend hours searching yourself. We also offer low cost employers liability insurance quotes which as an employer you must legally have at a minimum of £5,000,000. To protect our clients and provide peace of mind we only deal with insurers which are authorised and regulated by the finacial services authority. Because we specialise in public liability insurance we can provide specialist rates which you may not be able to obtain from other brokers.

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Employers liability quote

If you have any employees at all then employers liability insurance is a legal requirement. An employee would be considered anyone which works under your direction, using tools or products supplied by yourself. Employers liability insurance is to cover you against any liability claims your employee may make against you, for instance if they were working on a ladder you supplied which collapsed and they injured themselves then they may hold you liable for the incident and this is where your employers liability would usually come in to provide protection for you.

Sometimes when obtaining a quote for public liability insurance you may be given an option to include extra cover such as cover for tools which provides cover against the loss or damage to your tools, obviously the cost of replacing such tools can be very high so this is usually an option which is highly recommended.

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