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As an insurance broker specialising in providing employers liability insurance quotes we can save you hours of time and tedious work by providing you with a quote for you employers liability insurance instantly online from several insurers at a time. Rather than having to fill in multiple forms or spend hours on the phone to multiple insurers you can fill out one simple form on our website and obtain an instant low cost quotation and initiate cover immediately online using a debit or credit card. We also understand that it is not always convenient to pay the cost of your employers liability insurance in one go which is why we can usually provide a monthly payment scheme.

Your employers liability insurance quote will outline what cover is provided, usually an employers liability insurance policy would cover you for any death, injury or illness your employee receive whilst working under your direction. For instance if you were bricklayers and one of your employees injured themselves while building a structure for you then you may have to claim under your employers liability insurance. Another example of what your employers liability insurance quote would usually cover you for would be if your employee was to fall ill whilst working under your direction.

For your safety we only deal with well known insurers which we monitor on a regular basis. We also provide quotes online for public liability insurance from the same insurers as used for employers liability insurance meaning you know your cover will be with a reputable company. Because we are a broker we can provide an employers liability insurance quote from a panel of insurers at once so that you have the choice between premiums, excesses and insurers without having to spend your own time searching around.

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It is a legal requirement to have employers liability insurance if you are an employer which is why it is crucial to initiate cover as soon as possible, failure to have an active policy in place could result in a fine or possibly a custodial sentance. We understand that not all businesses can afford to pay the cost of their employers liability insurance quote in on sum which is why we deal with insurers which can usually provide direct debit or make use of third party credit arrangers to provide a monthly payment scheme. If you make use of bona-fide sub-contractors which work under their own direction and supply their own tools/materials then you usually wouldn't need to include them in your employers liability insurance quote.

We appreciate that not everyone has time to arrange their employers liability insurance as quickly as others which is why we deal with insurers which can provide immediate cover and instant documents meaning you can provide proof of cover the same day payment is made. we accept credit cards and debit cards online for immediate cover and the convenience of printing or emailing documents in the comfort of your own home.

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