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Employers Liability Insurance

We are a broker which specialises in employers liability insurance and we understand how much time it can take searching around for a competitive quotation and how tedious it can be filling out multiple forms which is why we have created our own online system which will quote for your employers liability insurance from several insurers at a time which ultimately saves you time and money on your policy.

Employers liability insurance covers you for any injury, illness or death to anyone which you employ either directly or as a labour only sub-contractor. For instance if you were in the building industry and one of your employees was using a ladder you supplied which then collapsed and they held you liable for an injury then you would usually have a claim against your employers liability insurance. Another example of what your employers liability policy would usually cover you for is if your employee was working on a roof and then fell off and injured themselves, obviously claims like this can often be for thousands if not millions of pounds which is why it is so crucial to have insurance in place to financially protect yourself.

We only deal with household name insurers for your peace of mind. Because we concentrate on employers liability insurance in the UK we have created our own quotation system which checks premiums from several insurers at a time and gives you the option meaning we do all the searching so you don't have to. We also provide a facility to get a public liability insurance quote online through our website and proceed with immediate cover and instant documentation to print off in the comfort of your own home.

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Employers liability insurance is a legal requirement meaning that if you have any employees at all or any labour only sub-contractors you must have an employers liability policy in place. Failure to provide proof of cover on request could result in a large fine at best and at worst could leave you with a custodial sentence, not only this but if your employee was to make a claim against you then you could be liable for huge legal and compensation costs which could cripple your business. Employers liability insurance is not required if you only employ bona-fide sub-contractors, for example someone who specialises in a certain area such as a plumber which does a job for you using their own tools, supplies their own materials and under their own direction. We can provide you with a superb low cost employers liability insurance quote online from a panel of different insurers to ensure you pay a low premium and get cover which best meets your requirements.

We understand that sometimes your employers liability insurance is the last thing on your mind and it may have been left until the last minute and that you require urgent cover which is why we specialise in providing immediate liability cover and allowing you to either print your documents off in the comfort of your own home or on request we can fax the documents. We also supply a copy of all relevant documentation and financial information in the post for your employers liability insurance in the UK.

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