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Searching online for a cheap liability insurance quote can be a long and tiring process, as an insurance broker we take the hassle out of this process by providing instant low cost liability insurance quotations from a range of insurers at once. Rather than having to spend hours filling out forms and calling multiple insurers you can simply fill out one short form online and get an instant quote and initiate immediate cover for your liability insurance.

A liability insurance quote will outline the cover which is included within your policy which is generally cover for any damage the insured causes to a third party property. An example of a situation which a liability insurance policy would usually provide cover would be if you were an electrician and whilst carrying a ladder into the property knocked over and broke an expensive vase. Obviously without a valid public liability insurance policy in place you would be liable to pay the cost of repair or replacement yourself which as you can imagine can work out very expensive with compared with the cost of a cheap quote for liability insurance.

A liability insurance quote would provide details of the policy which would usually provide cover for any injury you cause to a third party, for instance if you were to leave a tool on the ground and someone tripped over it and received an injury then you could be held liable and therefore could be forced into paying a very large sum to the injured person but not to be confused with property owners liability which is usually included with landlords insurance. This example highlights the obvious requirement for liability insurance in the UK.

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We believe in providing the best service possible to our clients which is why we will only deal with insurance companies which have been authorised and are regulated by the required authorities. Because we specialise in providing excellent insurance products we can provide a low cost online liability insurance quote from a panel of insurers because we have produced our own quotation system to provide immediate cover online and allow you to print or email proof of cover from the comfort of your own computer.

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It isn't a legal requirement to have public liability insurance but it is highly recommended to provide cover against the obvious perils and rude your financial risk which may free up money which would be reserved as a contingency fund. When obtaining a quote for liability insurance you will usually be given the option of extra cover such as tools cover or goods in transit, these extras are usually provided at a set cost regardless of your occupation. If you have any employees then it is a legal requirement to have liability insurance in place to provide cover for them, you can get employers liability insurance through our website.

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