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Public Liability Insurance

We understand how time consuming and frustrating it can be searching around for public liability insurance which is why are happy to confirm that as a public liability insurance broker we are able to provide instant online quotations from several insurers at a time meaning we do the searching so you don't have to and ultimately you will save time and money on your liability insurance policy.

Public liability insurance covers any damage caused by the insured to a customers(third party) property, for example if you were a carpet fitter and knocked over an expensive vase while carrying your carpet in then this is when your liability insurance would come into effect. A second example of what your self employed public liability insurance would cover you for is if you were a bricklayer working high up and dropped a brick which caused damage to a third parties property then you would obviously be liable for the cost of repair or replacement. Your liability insurance also provides cover for any injury which a third party receives if it if your fault, for instance if you were a builder and left a tool on the ground which a third party then tripped over and injured themselves then you would usually make a claim on your public liability insurance.

As an insurance broker we are able to provide a very wide range of different services, we have compiled a short list of what we can provide online below:

For your peace of mind we only provide liability insurance from well known insurers which are authorised and regulated by the relevant authorities. Because we specialise in public liability insurance we have produced our own online system to provide competitive quotes from many insurers at a time meaning you don't have to search around yourself. We understand the needs of the small business owner which is why we provide such cheap quotes with extensive cover.

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Public liability insurance isn't legally compulsory but it is highly recommended to have cover in place as it drastically reduces your financial risk, for instance a valid policy can free up capital which would otherwise be put aside as a contingency fund. Also if you are going to work on a building site then the main contractor will usually insist that you cannot work(or be paid) until you can supply evidence of a valid public liability insurance policy. For this reason we specialise in providing immediate cover and allowing you to print proof of cover in the comfort of your own home. We can also provide copies of your liability insurance documents via fax meaning even if you don't have such technology in place, we can still provide proof of cover to anyone you wish. There are many insurers available in this field, for example AXA Insurance, groupama, MMA and fortis. Not only do we offer public liability but can also provide a quote for employers liability insurance if you have employees.

Some liability insurance policies will also give you the option of including tools cover which will offer you protection against loss or damage. Obviously some tools are very expensive so it makes sense to include this cover in your public liability insurance if you make use of tools.

Some examples of when your public liability insurance would usually provide cover are shown below although for exact policy details to see what you will be covered for you should carefully read the public liability insurance quote details and keyfacts.

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